Off-White x Nike Zoom Fly PF sneakers new release date

It was rumored that the new highly anticipated Off-White and Nike sneakers

Zoom Fly PF sneakers in pink and black were to come out October 13th but as

we all see that, that didn’t happen. A trusted sneaker source on Instagram by

the name of @py_rates says that the new sneaker to the collection of Off-White

x Nike sneaker collars will be releasing November 28th.

These collabs between Nike and Off-White are always highly anticipated. every

shoe they put out together is always crafted well and you can always spot Virgil’s

signature on the shoe. On this particular shoe you can spot on the mid sole the

word “FOAM” that Virgil puts on many of his collabs with Nike. what else I spot that

is a signature the designer puts on his collabs is the Zip tie that can be found on

the shoe laces.



Release Date:

November 28th 2018 – 10:00am




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