Is Versace bringing back these rare Apple sneakers ?

Recently Versace’s head sneaker designer Salehe Bembury, posted a

picture on Instagram a sort of chunky all white show with a little rainbow

emblem by the name Versace. After seeing this post many sneaker maniacs

shared with the world that this Versace shoe is similar to the rare apple shoe

that was specifically made for apple employees in the 80’s or 90s

many are not sure if the shoe is going to be release or its just a mock up of

what could be many sneaker heads dream come true. This shoe is extremely

rare and about two years ago was found at at garage sale and were brought to

Heritage Auction where they were listed for $30,000.


Bembury hasn’t made a statement if the shoe will be releasing, but if they do, many

fashion insiders and lovers will own a pair of these shoes in their closets.




– Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion


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