Fendi and FILA team up on ultimate collection ?!??!!!!

This is the collection that everyone has been waiting for since Fendi announced

that their launching a collection with the known active wear brand FILA.

About two years many people weren’t wearing FILA. People thought

that it was a weak and not poppin brand but now it’s a brand that is everyone

is rocking and is now collaborating with a big time fashion label, Fendi.

Earlier this year at Milan Fashion week Fendi showcased bits and pieces

from the collection and after that I and along with many other people were

excited about this collab.

The collection is called ‘Fendi Mania’. This collection has every type of

clothing you can think of, for men,women, and also surprisingly children

as well. The Fendi logo is intermixed with the FILA logo to show the collaboration

in a unique way.

This is a very exciting and eye gravitating collection by Fendi and FILA.

I’m pretty sure every supermodel and celebrity are going to be rocking

pieces from this collection.

Here are some pieces from the collection:

-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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