Biggie’s style still lives on: Versace is bring back iconic shades

Notorious B.I.G also known as Biggie Smalls died over 20 years

ago, but his style is still something that many people in todays

society still try to reproduce and imitate. Truly a person that

changed the style of hiphop.

Biggie made many brands and trends famous but he also made

the well known and iconic brand Versace a big deal. The product

that he is most known for wearing from the brand would be the black

shades with the gold medusa logo on the side. The rapper is seen in

the “Hypnotize” video with them on.


Versace will be bringing these iconic glasses back with a revamp

on the frames. They are sold exclusively at Barney’s ( <—– shop) for $295.



* fun fact: Biggie was one of the first rap artist to attend the Versace fashion shows



-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion


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