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Alessandra Rich Spring 2019 ready-to-wear collection


50s chic was the vibe I was getting from Alessandra Rich

Spring collection. the knits and dresses were so amazing

to me. 50s style is my favorite type of style. It’s so classy

and form fitting. Its great for any and every occasion.

These pieces are timeless pieces.



This opening piece brings me back to the classic movie ‘Pleasantville’

and how the different people throughout the movie dressed. I loved

the puffy sleeves and the collar. little details such as those makes

a piece look more interesting. The polka dot dress that stop right

before the ankles was form fitting yet flowy


Color blocking is a trend that is being showcased a lot this

fashion week. These knits that are two totally different colors

complement each other so well. The knit tied around the neck/

shoulders of the model was also a pleasing touch. I love the use

of the pearls that are being accessorized with these pieces as well.


This piece would have to be probably my favorite from the

collection I just love how the mini dress embodys a suit with

the buttons going down not the middle but the side of the dress.

The belt with the big crusted bling buckle adds a more cinching

touch to the dress. I also love how this dress is long sleeve. It’s just

tailored so well.


I love oversized pieces such as this one right here. This type

of fabric or material is so unique to me. I love the contrast of

the colors, the navy blue and and the light brown. the buttons

also add a great and intricate detail to the already intricate buttons.


This look right here is so 50s meet modern day style. I love

the basic halter top but cut open and chained to together with

diamonds linked together. The big oversized diamond buttons

also added a nice touch to the halter top. The high waisted

white cotton ribbed like pants are super form fitting and looking

really comfortable. I also loved the adding of the diamond belt to

add some more spunk to it.


Here are some more looks from the collection


-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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