Outfit of the day !!!!!!

I haven’t been doing outfits of the day because… honestly I don’t even know. Its been so hard lately because I cant put together outfits because Polyvore is non existent anymore and the hurts my heart so much.


So todays outfit was found on Pinterest and the set designer is unknown so I wont be able to give credit to the designer.


I know that its still summer, and fall is approaching so here is a look that shows some skin and still cover ups a little bit lol.


here we have a long sleeve crop to the boob area ribbed top that is a vibrant red and is off the shoulder. My color this whole summer has been red, red, red, red. I don’t know but red might be my new favorite color.


then my favorite part of the outfit, the wide leg denim trousers that give me the ultimate life ever. you guys don’t even know how much trousers mean to me. I have a special spot for them in my heart.


then the vibrant red shiny leather Chanel bag and YSL heels set off the look as well.



-Stay Tuned for More Dope Fashion

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