Let’s start NYFW with Jeremy Scott Spring 2019

Exhilarating, Stimulating, erotic, and exciting are the words to use when describing Jeremy Scott’s new 2019 Spring ready-to-wear Collection.

The vibrant colors used throughout the collection caught attention of everyone in the room.

One eye catching piece from the collection for me would probably have to be the different Knots, bomber jackets, and oversized button of sweaters that read SEX, POW, HYPER, PEACE, SHOCK, REVOLT, JEREMY and more words. The letters on these different pieces had a 3D effect that made the collection Pop out in a different way.

Adding fall colors in a spring collection was very unique to me. I love fall colors. I wear them year round and to see them in this collection was amazing.

In a point in time in this collection many oranges, warm greens, creams, and army print were being showcased on the runway.

Jeremy in this collection also mixed different flannel colors that were put together to make the collection even more thrilling.

-stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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