Balmain’s latest logo pouch bag is all that !

One minute I’m here for a settle purse that would go with just about every and anything then the next

I’m here for a wild and electric bag that makes my whole entire outfit pop. So this new Balmain logo

pouch bag is just right for me. It seems to me that Balmain is going for the more exciting and edgy look

with there new bags. this logo pouch bag reminds me of The Flash Balmain Box bag that I featured

before on my blog.


I love so many things about this bag I love how sleek the black calf leather bag is with the neon pink and

yellow letters the spell Balmain. I also love how the Balmain is also spelled backwards. The yellow chain

handles are also a very retro touch to the bag that gives 80’s vibes.



you can purchase this bag from Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue



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