The Flash BALMAINBBOX now available in stores

Going through Instagram I see this beautiful and precious bag that I gravitated to, is now available in

stores and on the website. This bag is called The Flash Balmain BBox.  First off I love the

BBOX bags by Balmain. These particular bags are posh and elegant. A bag that you can wear to any

type of occasion or event. (Balmain BBOX bags below)



Shiny leather BBox 25 bag ($ 2,395.00) color: powder

Shiny leather Balmain Bbox 20 bag ($ 1,850.00) color: black


Shiny leather BBox 25 bag ($ 2,395.00) color: red


But the bag that I am talking about today is the bag that shakes up the norm of the BBOX. THE FLASH !

the beautifully done bag flap is covered in red, black, grey, and blue flashes that are covered in glitter

calfskin leather. The flashes are the part of the bag that makes you gravitate to it first. Instead of glitter

just on the flashes, its glitter all over the bag which is a super plus. Since because I’m a glitter freak and

love everything in glitter, the studs going around the sides of the bag were a jazzy touch that

accentuated the BBOX punk side. Since chain handles are on top of the handbag industry, they laced

this bag with silver metal chain straps and to complement the silver strap they added the signature of

the BBOX a silver medallion that completes the look of the bag.


Glittered leather Balmain Baby Box bag ($ 2,250.00)


Here’s a look that would complement the bag well!!!!!


UO Ronnie Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Sweater $39.00

Faux Leather Tassel Moto Jacket ($59.97 )

Edgy as Ever Moto Skinny Jeans ($69.00)

Jeffrey Campbell Hurricane Rain Boot $60.00



– Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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