School is back and in full affect !!!!

I made a promise this year to my self that I will dress up for school everyday and I started off the first week of Senior year just like that. Well first off yes yes yes I’m a senior in high school. It feels like just yesterday i was entering my first year of high school nervous as heck. Now I’m a senior! it almost makes me wanna cry lol.


Everyday last week i got atleast 4 comments on my outfits. Most people said i looked like a auntie. Those type of comments made me laugh but what i got from those comments is that i looked good lol.


my red and white blouse was from forever 21 along with the chain and skirt. My totally awesome shoes that I love dearly were from Zara which is actually my favorite store to shop

Taylor Goodson
Taylor Goodson is a mass media arts major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in fashion merchandising at Clark Atlanta University. Taylor is from Carson, California (Del Amo to be exact) where they breed nothing but stars. She first began loving fashion after watching the hit show That’s So Raven (which is still her favorite show). On Taylor’s free time she is reading and writing the latest fashion news, trends, tips and more on her blog If you need to reach Taylor, she’s probably watching re-runs of Sex and the City.