Outfit of the day !

Since Polyvore deleted I haven’t been doing outfit of the days anymore. I have though found on Pinterest different outfits from other Polyvore users that I like. If I know who made the outfit I will give credit to them but if I don’t I’m sorry I just have no clue on who made the set. If any of the viewers out there know who made the set just leave a comment on who made it and I’ll make sure I’ll give them their credit.

On another note here is the first outfit of the day since Polyvore has been deleted.

Set by: unknown

I love this all black fit. My favorite part of this outfit is the black mini skirt with the buttons going down the middle and the all black belt that adds more detail to the skirt. The fendi body suit is simple but an great add to the outfit. The black glasses with the lenses far away from each other are a new trend that I’m so here for. It makes the look very edgy and chic.

– stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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