Rebecca Taylor and the Northern Soul music movement in England: Resort 2019 collection

Rebecca Taylor’s Resort collection gives you such a 80’s vibe. What I caught first was the hair style of the model and this one black sheer blouse with flowers floating all around it.

Although Taylor focus was the theme of the 60s during the Northern soul music movement in England. This is when Motown and American soul music made its way across the sea to England. People enjoyed the music and it distracted working class people during a time of economic decline.

After this, many cities became party scenes. Girls and guys partied all night long. They would usually wear close that were easier to dance in. So flowy and not so much form fitting was the trend.

Throughout Rebecca Taylor’s collection she showed a little bit about this era. The black sheer dress that was flowy with the beautiful mock neck turtleneck. This was a very flirty and fun dress. This is just like the blouse up above.

The blazers also in the collection gave you a complete throwback and completed the looks so wonderfully. The detailing on the cream color blazer was so satisfying and made well. It gave a flirty outfit a more bold and stern look, which I love so much.

-stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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