My style at UCLA !

So on Saturday I was at my SAT prep that my mom makes me go to every week (ughhh). The good part about my SAT prep is that it’s at UCLA and I just absolutely love the UCLA campus soooo much. They have so many sceneries to take some good pictures and I decided to have my mother take some cute pics of me outside of there cafeteria. That day I wore this tan shirt with this red lettering ( I have no idea what it says) and on the shirt it laces up in the front. I got the shirt from Ross. Then I layered my Ross shirt with my Tan camouflage jacket that I got from this store called Image at the Southbay Galleria. Then I wore my Ross tan jeans. Y’all Ross is my favorite store for affordable clothes. I love the store Sooo much. Then I toped the look off with these tan and brown Michael Kors slip on shoes that I got for Christmas. I hope you guys liked my look this day. Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion !

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