Different African Cultures that inspired the costumes in Black Panther !

throughout the amazing movie ‘Black Panther’ there were many costumes from real African Cultures. Ruth Carter, the costume designer for the movie, took from a wide range of the many different African Cultures  in the continent to bring a more realistic approach to the African based movie. The Movie Black Panther was exhilarating and powerful. To be a black woman and seeing my people portrayed so well on the big screen almost brought tears to my eyes. This movie made me feel delighted to be a African-American !

Mursi and Surma lip plates are a form of ceremonial body Modification that many cultures use in Africa they are best known by tribes in Ethiopia.

Next are the Zulu headdress worn by Queen Ramonda in the movie. The Zulu headdress is worn by married women for ceremonial celebrations. This Headdress comes from the Zulu tribe.

The women who were warriors for the black panther in the movie costumes were inspired by the people of the culture Maasai in East Africa. They live in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania.


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