Simonetta Ravizza Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Simonetta Ravizza never disappoints when it comes to her sense of fashion. Simonetta is very different from many fashion houses out here. She follows her own mind and that’s something that I love about her. As you guys can see through out this collection fur is everywhere and if you know me then you know I love fur. I feel as if fur brings out that inner Glamour in anyone. One of my fave pieces ( and this was hard to pick) is the brown and white chevron striped jacket with the red fur on the collar and the red fur hearts on the pockets. I loved how unique it was. Even the smallest details on something plain could make such a big difference in a fashion piece. I also really loved he fur bags in the collection, really was a key essential to bring the looks together. Thank you Simonetta Ravizza for the Amazin Collection. Stay tuned for more dope fashion!

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