This weekend grabs

This weekend after church I went with my family to Bj’s for brunch after the good word and so ironically there was a Nordstrom’s Rack right next door. My mom, Dad, and I went over to the Rack (what my dad usually calls it) and went on a little shopping spree. At first I wasn’t interested in buying anything because the day before I bought this Adidas Original collegiate red/white Bold age pullover hoodie from Six02

And I didn’t want to spend anymore of my parents money, but looking around I found some items that I really loved and decided to buy it.

First is this Jolt Jean jacket with fur on the inside and roses going down one part of the sleeves. Because the jacket runs small I had to get a XL compared at $68.00 I got it a the Rack for $39.97

Second I got these All black Coach slip on shoes that are super cute, very comfortable, and can go with about any outfit you have in your closet Compared at $85.00 I got it at the Rack for $59.97

And lastly, I got these Steve Madden sneakers. I got them because they reminded me of some Giuseppe zipper sneakers. Compared at $69.95 I got it at the Rack for $38.46 !

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