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Marni Fall 2018 ready to wear !


The opening piece of the Marni ready to wear Collection was the piece that set the mood for the whole collection. The opening statement piece was this long shiny leather rich blue trench coat with a lighter blue ribbed turtle neck underneath and this wide white belt for the waist. I love vibrant and energetic colors on the runway. Something that I absolutely loved in the Marni Collection was the wide range of belts being involved in some of the pieces. The belts was that little accessory that made a piece pop and the was the extra piece to complete the outfits. I then loved how they used different colors and paired them together like how they took a tan, brown, and leather blue and mixed it into one outfit. This shows versatility in the collection because they didn’t stick to the same 4 colors that would sometimes be used in a collection.

-stay tuned for more Dope Fashion!

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